Picture of Hannaj Bang-Bendz as Gemma from Hawks

Gemma Bridger knows what she wants.

A rising star in British Intelligence, she’s on a trajectory to the top. Today, she gets to prove her worth again with a routine surveillance job at a park.

The day starts to go wrong when she finds she’s partnered up in a van with Ed Passey, an amiable, handsome agent with whom she had an indiscretion recently. She was just letting off steam, but it looks like Ed doesn’t see it that way.

Arriving at the park, the subject of the surveillance become clear from the briefing notes. It’s renowned retired spy Nigel Woodgate, who has lost contact with the agency recently and has been seen with a man matching the description of The Corsican – a foreign operative.

In the van, Gemma and Ed try to work past their tension but it soon becomes apparent that things need to be said. Things overheat when Woodgate is spotted meeting the suspect and the surveillance equipment doesn’t work properly. Gemma rounds on Ed and lays out the law, pushing away her own feelings for him.

All is not what it seems, and when Woodgate confronts the duo, the tragic truth of the situation dawns on everyone.

Sometimes, people just need to focus on their hearts, even those bred to be Hawks.